Gothic Yurt

Both Katherine and myself’s favourite yurt, it has nothing to do with the style of the yurt, its purely based on the fact that we have had the nicest nights in there.

The gothic yurt is not everyones first choice although it is by far the most popular yurt for returning guests, it has a 6 foot bed head with a carved vampire face which is really cool, the yurt is quite dim as most of the furniture is black, for some reason it just lights up amazing with the candles.

We have a now badly out of tune piano in here which all adds to the atmosphere the gothic yurt creates, we have a saying to all our guests that nobody ever has a bad sleep in the gothic yurt which from my point of view and many many others is true, i never worry that people aren’t going to sleep well in there.

I always describe the french yurt as romanic, i describe the gothic yurt as sexy, its very boudoiresque and is situated right in the very corner of our farm, so what happens in the gothic yurt stays in the gothic yurt.


There’s a lot to take in when you first enter the gothic yurt from the 6 foot high jet black gothic bed head to the piano, the yurt is big enough to sleep 2 adults and up to 2 children comfortably, the gothic yurt is the furthest yurt away from the toilets and showers (still less than a 2 minute walk though).
The yurt is predominately black with huge purple curtains behind the bed and is a lot dimmer than the others so just bear that in mind if booking that you may want to bring an extra lantern.
It is heated via the 8.5 kw wood burning fire and candle lit for that ultimate romantic night.