What to expect and what to bring


If you are new to camping we have a few tips as this type of holidaying is very different to staying in a hotel. Even though we have furnished our yurts to a high standard there’s things that simply cant be avoided such as if it rains the water will seep into the yurt and your belongings will get damp if left on the floor as do the rugs.

What is the Yurt Experience? Here is it – warts and all and what the other yurt sites don’t tell you !!

Camping in a yurt in the can be a relaxing and battery charging experience and most people leave our campsite with fond memories of a totally unique experience.

Both Darren and I want to advise potential customers to remember that even thought the yurts look and are comfortable and warm they are in an open field and there a high possibility that you will see spiders, bugs, rats, badgers, moles and mice.

The yurts can be noisy if we experience high winds and rain and that you have to walk to the toilet you will get a little wet .Theres no queuing to use the bathroom as each yurt has its own facilities.

Three of the yurts don’t have electricity, (the French, Balinese and Gothic) this is part of the experience. Phones and laptops can be charged in the cabin.

The cooking facilities consist of a microwave, kettle and toaster in the kitchen. Theres an outside hardstanding if you want to bring your own BBQ or we hire them if you would like to use ours.

We strongly advise that if you haven’t been camping before then December and January is not the best time to start. Please remember that even though the yurts reach high temperatures when the wood burner is going it will be cold in the morning when you wake up.  The woodburners take around 30 to 45 minutes to heat the yurt up. We allow you to burn house coal on the wood burning stoves  and if you want to bring a bag with you then this is fine as its a great way of keeping the fire going through the night as coal burns very slowly especially in the winter months.

Inside the yurt is quite dark as they are a tent consisting of five layers of insulation which when wet can have quite a pungent aroma. If we experience high rainfall then the yurts may leak in places sometimes the rain seeps in from under the tent and creeps along the floor so its advisable to keep belongings off the floor. Very occasionally the rain will drive through the sides and roof of the yurt. We experience extreme weather conditions here in Lincoln and have no control of what weather conditions you will encounter here so if you decide to camp from November through to March theres a high likelihood that we won’t get 85 degrees of sunshine. Please make sure you bring good quality warm and waterproof clothing as you are going to need it.


One of our many animals

The fence surrounding the horses has a low electric current passing through it. Its not dangerous to either humans or the horses it just keeps us from them. If you do accidentally touch the fence it feels like being pinched. If you are holidaying with children please make them aware that this will happen.

If arriving by car we have a car park down at the yurts. On arrival we will help you to your yurt with your luggage and also have trolleys for the heavier items.

On the day of your arrival Darren will contact you to ask your time of arrival as so he can light and warm the yurt for you, we ask that you could contact or text him an hour before you arrive so that this is done for you. Once you are here we will show you how to light the fire and fend for yourselves. By the end of your stay you will be able to give Bear Grills a run for his money.

There are details about what is inside each yurt on each of the Yurt pages – if you’re unsure what to bring then here’s a quick checklist:

  • Torch or lantern.
  • BBQ
  • Extra pillows if bringing children,
  • Washing up liquid and tea towels.
  • Bath towels.
  • House coal is great to bring if you want the wood burner to stay lit most of the night.
  • Umbrella.
  • Waterproof clothing and footwear.
  • Pop up Gazebo for rain or sun and great for BBQing under in rainy weather. Please be aware that Lincoln is windy and occasionally its too windy to put a gazebo up.
  • Windbreak.


Firelighters. Wood for the burner. Candles. Hot Water bottles. Coffees Teas and flavoured teas. Pots and pans. Crockery, Cutlery and Glasses. Bedding. Unlimited use of your bathroom. Campbeds and Sleeping Bags, Outdoor Seating, Throws.


First off please remember that this is camping, our yurts are luxurious and you really won’t feel like you are in a tent but you will still have to walk to the toilet so that in my opinion counts as camping.

Candle light is not the same as your big light at home, it doesn’t hurt to bring a lantern or a torch just incase you need more light.

If the weather looks like its going to rain for your time with us you are more than welcome to bring a gazebo to set up next to your yurt so you can still sit outside and or barbeque.

Please be aware that you are sharing the kitchen with other people and ask that you are respectful of this.

We have no wifi.

We are here 24 hours a day, you won’t ever struggle with anything as we will do our upmost best to help and look after you during your first camping experience.

Above all, expect some good ol’ family bonding when going camping. Having fun activities planned can be a great way to connect with your children and family while enjoying time away from all the technology of your life at home while enjoying nature and the great outdoors.


Hassle free camping, no pitching tents with dodgy bent tent pegs, everything is done for you here, we will take all your belonging down to the yurt for you in our large cart and you’re done, easy, no need to pack anything away in the rain either you just leave

A proper bed, mattress and duvet no inflating airbeds for it to deflate during the night.

Warmth, we’ve all been there 1.30am in a tent, freezing, needing the toilet, our yurts all have 5.5 kw wood burning stoves which are very very warm. If you wish to bring a bag of coal for the burner then this is fine to do so as if you burn coal just before you go to bed it will keep your fire going all night.

Each yurt has its own private bathroom so no sharing with any of the other guests.

The feel of a small campsite, we will never have more than 10 adults including yourselves at our site so you can truly relax and unwind.

We will leave you completely alone if you want or need us to, if you need anything then i am on the end of the phone you don’t even have to call you can just text me between the hours of 8.30am and 7.30pm.