jhjOriental Yurt

Aug2018-AK0_9309We came about an oriental themed yurt because Katherine’s old next door neighbour had two 80+ year old antique cupboards that were taking up a lot of space in his garage, we bought them at a steal and based the whole yurt around them, the round bed is a nod of appreciation from us to the yurt site that inspired us to want to build our own (Sara and Darren at the now formally York Yurts).

We actually used to have a heated water bed in this yurt but (and this couple will forever be nameless) somebody bust it so now it has a kingsize Vispring mattress in there although the bed looks and feels much bigger with its huge surround.

The oriental yurt has electricity so you can charge your phones or plug in a projector and watch a film on the yurt curtain in the privacy of your own yurt, there is a lamp in here which is adequate enough to light up the yurt but not intruding enough to take away from that fact that you are camping.

This yurt has a large sofa thats actually a bed but to look at it you wouldn’t know it. This makes it a great yurt for families as you don’t need to set a camp bed you if you have a child or two infants.

jhjMongolian Yurt

Mongolian super king size bed

Mongolian super king size bed

So as you know all our yurts were imported from Mongolia, we thought that if we are theming our yurts it surely is a no brainer to have a Mongolian yurt right?

So we emailed our guy out there and asked if they also made traditional furniture to which his reply was, no, no we don’t, however…. because you have bought 5 yurts from us and will have space in your container then we will make you some furniture, here is a list of things that our carpenter think they can make (I always thought that was funny, the what they THINK they can make line) so I was sent a list of things and replied with the dimensions I would need them to be, so here is the Mongolian yurt with handmade Mongolian furniture that was made up as they went along.

I feel quite aware that this yurt will have a longer story than the others as this has a special place in mine and Kath’s heart. We actually lived in this yurt whilst we built the site so we have some great memories in there of being tired, skint, scared and excited all at the same time!

My favourite story about this yurt is not that my best friend proposed in there but actually about the mattress. The Mongolian bed is a super king size bed the biggest bed on site along with the french yurt, at the time of buying a mattress for this yurt Katherine stumbled across an advert in the local paper of a B&B that had gone bust and were selling all their stuff, of which was a memory foam super king size mattress for £50!!! we called up and bought it!

When we got it back to the yurt we thought we had won the lottery it was in such good condition, we put our bedding on and laid down…..and had the worst nights sleep ever! it felt like we were sleeping in a trench! i know that when you lay on memory foam mattress you are supposed to sink into it but we were laying in a divit and sinking further, it was horrible, so what we decided to do was to put our own mattress on the Mongolian yurt which is a vi spring stuffed horse hair mattress and is amazing, that mattress is still in the yurt and we slept on that horrible memory foam one for over 2 years, its very rare that you don’t sleep well in the Mongolian yurt.

jhjGothic Yurt

Both Katherine and myself’s favourite yurt, it has nothing to do with the style of the yurt, it is purely based on the fact that we have had the nicest nights in there.

The gothic yurt is not everyones first choice although it is by far the most popular yurt for returning guests, it has a 6 foot bed head with a carved vampire face which is really cool. The mattress is amazing, its a Tempur cloud that is sooooo comfortable. Very few our guests say that they didn’t sleep well in this yurt. Most of the furniture is black in this yurt teamed with pewter and a touch of purple and  for some reason it just lights up amazing with the candles. We also have added a solar panel to this yurt and this gives you up to 6 hours a day of electricity. The solar system has a docking station with usb ports for you to charge up your phone.

We have a now badly out of tune piano in here which all adds to the atmosphere the gothic yurt creates, we have a saying to all our guests that nobody ever has a bad sleep in the gothic yurt which from my point of view and many many others is true, i never worry that people aren’t going to sleep well in there.

I always describe the french yurt as romanic, i describe the gothic yurt as sexy, its very boudoiresque and is situated right in the very corner of our farm, so what happens in the gothic yurt stays in the gothic yurt.

There’s a lot to take in when you first enter the gothic yurt from the 6 foot high jet black gothic bed head to the piano, the yurt is big enough to sleep 2 adults and up to 2 children comfortably.

It is heated via the 5.5 kw wood burning fire and candle lit for that ultimate romantic night. The chandelier is powered by solar to give the yurt added light, but its your choice if you want to use the solar power.

Balinese Yurt Hot Tub

Gothic Yurt Hot Tub

This yurt has a beast of a hot tub hidden away around the side of the yurt. It is almost 2 metres in diameter and heated by the power of wood !!!.

If you should want to add the hot tub to your booking its an extra charge of £60.00.

jhjFrench Yurt

Aug2018-AK0_9740The couples only yurt, the shabby chic yurt, the romantic yurt the beautiful french yurt. We bought this bed broken, it came from a company in Liverpool who were selling it for less than half of the rrp due to it being badly water damaged, luckily for us that i am a carpenter that took a couple of days to repair it and nobody in over 4 years has spotted my repairs.

This is a very popular yurt, its a very romantic yurt, when i get phone calls normally from guys asking which one is the best i always answer if you are looking to impress someone then go for the french yurt as it has made many women cry (in a good way …. Sharon Knowles !!!) over the years and we have had the most amount of proposals in here.

The bed is HUGE! its a super king size four poster bed which we nearly had to cut down as we bought it before any of the yurts arrived, we were given the measurements of the yurts, bought the bed and then received an email saying that the measurements they sent us were wrong, if you can imagine getting a ship into a bottle then you can imagine what it was like to fit that bed in.

This is the only yurt with the bed exactly in the middle, next to the wood burner is a large table and chairs to the other side of the bed is a dressing table and drawers but its what is behind the bed that is the surprise…..I’ll spoil it for you, its a piano that we decorated in sheet music, mainly oasis sheet music.

The french yurt is a clean white yurt with with flooring a cream rugs and a super comfortable Simba 10000 pocket mattress which is great for bad backs.

Lincoln Yurts Hot TubThis yurt now has a wood burning hot tub that can be booked as an additional extra.

jhjBalinese Yurt

Aug2018-AK0_9378Our most popular yurt, the main feature you see when you first walk into this yurt is the 135 year old hand carved rosewood wedding bed, you can actually smell the wood, it’s a stunning yurt that is most peoples first choice when booking with us. This yurt has a wood burning hot tub that can be booked as an additional extra.

This was the last yurt we themed, it was originally going to be an African themed yurt but we saw this bed for sale and could not resist, it seems to be the most difficult yurt for people to pronounce on the phone too, my personal favourite is when people call it the (spaghetti) bolognese yurt, its really hard to stay professional and not laugh, one day I’ll get there.

This incredible bed is one of a kind and on researching the history of it we discovered it is a wedding bed gifted to the bride and groom on their wedding day, the bed is supposed to give the gift of fertility so all i can say is be careful.

The Balinese has no electric and is lit with over 40 candles and heated with the wood burner, first time campers may want to bring an extra lantern as it is quite a dim yurt at night even with all the candles lit.

Kids love to sleep on the chaise lounges but there is plenty of room to fit 2 camp beds comfortably for them also.

Theres a big cupboard to store your belongings and we provide a table with two chairs for you to use for dining.

Outside theres a hardstanding provided if you should want to BBQ and for an added extra we can provide you with a firepit and logs.


This yurt now has a wood burning hot tub that can be booked as an additional extra.http://lincolnyurts.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Andrew-Kelly-Photography-_-2021-Web-2000px.html