French Yurt

The couples only yurt, the shabby chic yurt, the romantic yurt the beautiful french yurt. We bought this bed broken, it came from a company in Liverpool who were selling it for less than half of the rrp due to it being badly water damaged, luckily for us that i am a carpenter that took a couple of days to repair it and nobody in over 4 years has spotted my repairs.

This is a very popular yurt, its a very romantic yurt, when i get phone calls normally from guys asking which one is the best i always answer if you are looking to impress someone then go for the french yurt as it has made many women cry (in a good way …. Sharon Knowles !!!) over the years and we have had the most amount of proposals in here.

The bed is HUGE! its a super king size four poster bed which we nearly had to cut down as we bought it before any of the yurts arrived, we were given the measurements of the yurts, bought the bed and then received an email saying that the measurements they sent us were wrong, if you can imagine getting a ship into a bottle then you can imagine what it was like to fit that bed in.

This is the only yurt with the bed exactly in the middle, next to the wood burner is a large table and chairs to the other side of the bed is a dressing table and drawers but its what is behind the bed that is the surprise…..I’ll spoil it for you, its a piano that we decorated in sheet music, mainly oasis sheet music.

The french yurt is a clean white yurt with with flooring a cream rugs and a super comfortable Simba 10000 pocket mattress which is great for bad backs.

This yurt now has a wood burning hot tub that can be booked as an additional extra.