Mongolian Yurt

Mongolian super king size bed

Mongolian super king size bed

So as you know all our yurts were imported from Mongolia, we thought that if we are theming our yurts it surely is a no brainer to have a Mongolian yurt right?

So we emailed our guy out there and asked if they also made traditional furniture to which his reply was, no, no we don’t, however…. because you have bought 5 yurts from us and will have space in your container then we will make you some furniture, here is a list of things that our carpenter think they can make (I always thought that was funny, the what they THINK they can make line) so I was sent a list of things and replied with the dimensions I would need them to be, so here is the Mongolian yurt with handmade Mongolian furniture that was made up as they went along.

I feel quite aware that this yurt will have a longer story than the others as this has a special place in mine and Kath’s heart. We actually lived in this yurt whilst we built the site so we have some great memories in there of being tired, skint, scared and excited all at the same time!

My favourite story about this yurt is not that my best friend proposed in there but actually about the mattress. The Mongolian bed is a super king size bed the biggest bed on site along with the french yurt, at the time of buying a mattress for this yurt Katherine stumbled across an advert in the local paper of a B&B that had gone bust and were selling all their stuff, of which was a memory foam super king size mattress for £50!!! we called up and bought it!

When we got it back to the yurt we thought we had won the lottery it was in such good condition, we put our bedding on and laid down…..and had the worst nights sleep ever! it felt like we were sleeping in a trench! i know that when you lay on memory foam mattress you are supposed to sink into it but we were laying in a divit and sinking further, it was horrible, so what we decided to do was to put our own mattress on the Mongolian yurt which is a vi spring stuffed horse hair mattress and is amazing, that mattress is still in the yurt and we slept on that horrible memory foam one for over 2 years, its very rare that you don’t sleep well in the Mongolian yurt.