Oriental Yurt

Aug2018-AK0_9309We came about an oriental themed yurt because Katherine’s old next door neighbour had two 80+ year old antique cupboards that were taking up a lot of space in his garage, we bought them at a steal and based the whole yurt around them, the round bed is a nod of appreciation from us to the yurt site that inspired us to want to build our own (Sara and Darren at the now formally York Yurts).

We actually used to have a heated water bed in this yurt but (and this couple will forever be nameless) somebody bust it so now it has a kingsize Vispring mattress in there although the bed looks and feels much bigger with its huge surround.

The oriental yurt has electricity so you can charge your phones or plug in a projector and watch a film on the yurt curtain in the privacy of your own yurt, there is a lamp in here which is adequate enough to light up the yurt but not intruding enough to take away from that fact that you are camping.

This yurt has a large sofa thats actually a bed but to look at it you wouldn’t know it. This makes it a great yurt for families as you don’t need to set a camp bed you if you have a child or two infants.

This yurt is dog friendly and can accommodate upto two small dogs or one large dog. Theres a small secure pen so your dog can have freedom off the lead in here. Within the dog enclosure there an electric hot tub thats undercover so you can bathe regardless of whatever the weather is choosing to do.